A Complete Guide to Exploring the Island of Mykonos on a Rental Scooter

The exotic Greek Island of Mykonos is a beach paradise! The famous holiday destination is widely renowned for its turquoise skies, golden sandy beaches in Mykonos and exotic white buildings dotted all across the island. Nestled amidst the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is all about vivacity, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and pulsating nightlife. On one hand, the island’s picturesque beauty and natural attractions ooze tranquility. On the other hand, it transforms into a party lovers’ den at night, bubbling with fun, frolic, and dance.

There is so much to explore in Mykonos! And a scooter rent Mykonos is one of the best ways to get around and explore the island. Taking a scooter on rent will let you travel pretty much anywhere you want to go. However, there are some important things to know before you rent a scooter.

Where Can You Rent a Scooter in Mykonos?

If you visit Mykonos town, you will find plenty of shops that provide scooters or motorcycles for rent. However, they often charge a hefty price from tourists. A good way is to rent a scooter online from reliable platforms such as BikesBooking.com. They allow you to compare rents and terms from hundreds of trusted rental companies, helping you find a better-priced deal. What more! You can book a scooter even before you arrive in Mykonos.

Cost of Renting a Scooter Online

When you consider hiring a scooter to explore the island of Mykonos, you will come across plenty of options. If you want to ride a high-end bike, you can consider Quad bike ATV hire on Mykonos Island, with prices starting from around €87,30. And if you want a more affordable option, you can rent a scooter, with prices starting at €55,29.

What You Need to Follow When Renting a Scooter or Bike in Mykonos?

Before you rent a scooter or bike to explore the beauty of Mykonos, here are certain things you should know:

  • You must have a valid driver’s license or International Driving Permit (IDP) before you can rent a scooter or bike in Greece.
  • Always choose a bike that you have experience driving.
  • You must always wear protective gear when riding a scooter or bike.
  • You can use maps to conveniently travel around the island, while also keeping safety in mind

Places to Visit in Mykonos on a Rental Scooter

Are you looking for the top places to visit in Mykonos on your rental scooter? You cannot miss visiting Little Venice, offering you picturesque views of sunset and windmills, shops, restaurants, and bars. You can also set off on a bike ride to the beautiful Agrari Beach or the popular Paradise Beach and have more enchanting experiences.

If you want to explore the iconic 16th-century Venetian windmills, then get hold of an ATV quad bike and head off to the south of Mykonos Town and Old Port. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset and a heartful lunch here.


Want to rent a scooter in Mykonos? The process is easy and cheap and gives you complete freedom to explore the amazing attractions of the island.

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