A first-time yacht charter!

Step in the shoes of a first-time yacht charter and experience the very best of the yachting life with us. First thing first you’ll need to decide where you want to head for the summer, whether you are into a South of France party mood or a Corsica relaxed escape, nature-oriented. Once you have found a selection of yachts for charter in the area, you can book with a top-notch charter broker, that will guide you through the process, the VAT and the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance).

Once arriving aboard the yacht, the crew will give you a quick tour while the stewardess will set up your luggage and get you installed in your suites. After heading out at see rapidly after your embarkation you’ll start to relax and enjoy, with a welcome drink catered by your expert staff, mimosa for the adults and infused waters for the kids.

It’s going to be time for your first lunch aboard. The chef will learn your tastes and your preferences. Most chefs tailor their dishes to your palate thanks to a preference sheet that is communicated by your charter broker before the start of the charter. After your lunch, take a moment to relax in the hot tub of the boat, while the crew gets the toys out so you can enjoy the bay zooming across with a powerful jet ski. Some yachts even come with a waterslide that will allow you to head to the water in a second after finishing your lunch!

After an afternoon of fun enjoying the yacht’s water toys, it’s going to be time for a tasty dinner and a drink with friends and family. Most superyachts come with a well-equipped bar and the stewardesses have the proper training to craft some of the finest cocktails. While you’ll be asleep the yacht will slowly cruise to the next spot for you to discover and enjoy, whether a secluded creak that you’ll make your home for the day or a traditional fishing village with fantastic restaurants and a vibrant atmosphere.

A yacht charter is the finest way to travel in the Mediterranean, forgetting the multiple hotels, transfers and packing unpacking. Enjoy only what is best in life!

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