Everything You Need To Know About Budget Friendly Hotels In Gurgaon

There are seven golf courses, 26 shopping malls, plenty of hotels in Gurgaon, and even luxury shops with brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel which barely existed two decades ago. BMWs and Mercedes- Benzes sparkle in the car showrooms. Residential towers are emerging like concrete weeds, and Cyber City, a high-tech trading hub, is home to a lot of the world’s most renowned corporations.

Gurgaon, about 15 miles to the south of the national capital, New Delhi, appears to be complete except for a fully operational drainage system and sewer; dependable water and electricity; and skywalks, ample space for parking, good condition roads and reliable public transportation system. Garbage is still thrown in vacant open spaces by the side of the roadway regularly.

Gurgaon is frequently portrayed as an icon for the rising “new” India, but at the same time, it also depicts a riddle at the core of India’s rapid expansion: How is it possible that a new city can become an international economic motor without the basic public services? The answer is that in Gurgaon or anywhere else in India growth takes place because of the government. China and India are frequently regarded as the world’s growing economic powers, but while China’s growth has been headed by the state, India’s growth has frequently been hampered by the state.

Economic growth in Gurgaon is frequently the result of the private sector innovating to compensate for government shortcomings. To adjust power outages, Gurgaon’s businesses and developers of real estate run huge diesel generators which are capable of running small towns. . Is there no water? Boreholes for private use Is there no public transportation? Hundreds of taxis and private buses are used by businesses. Concerned about crime? Gurgaon has nearly four times the number of private security guards as it does police officers.

Gurgaon is one of India’s the fastest-growing districts, having grown by more than 70% in the last decade to a population of more than 1.5 million people, making it larger than most American cities. It contributes nearly half of the revenue in its home state of Haryana, and it introduced 50,000 automobiles to the road just last year. The value of real estate in a city that has become a thundering source of growth, but also a massive headache for a place to live and work, has risen sharply.

Let’s go through a list of useful tips to save your money on budget hotels in Gurgaon without compromising on the stay.

·       Hotel Incentive Programme

Here you can buy or sign up for a hotel reward system for a small fee. It works as follows: imagine you are a regular commuter who stays at the same hotel. Rather than paying the same price each time, one can sign up for a hotel card and earn points for your stay. A lot of travel companies use this type of system in India, where the card member can be used in all the same hotel chains across the country. This system is used by other large hotel chains as well, and it is very useful when looking to book a room.

·       Discount for first-time customers

A lot of websites and apps provide attractive discounts to first-time users. Use this to find different booking apps from which to book. A lot of other sites also offer a free first day of stay when you book through them, which is a common practice when you don’t have enough cash but want to have a memorable stay. This method allows you to easily save large sums of money.

·       Keep an eye out for Coupon Codes

When booking a room through an app, there is always a column for entering a coupon code. The app will recommend a few coupons that apply to you, but it will not display any large discount coupon codes. To get a significant discount, look online for vouchers related to that specific app and apply them. Several websites and blogs will provide you with coupon codes to use on your reservation. These coupons allow you to save a significant amount of money.

·       Hotel Room Sharing

In India, this is a relatively new situation. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your hotel and are comfortable adjusting to others, then this is the concept that is apt for you. One can book a dormitory for a quarter of the price of a room and share it with four other people. One can also book a house for their stay when the family who resides there goes for a vacation. You will save a lot of money but at the cost of giving up your privacy. Typically, this type of option is advantageous for group travellers, like college students planning a trip.

·       Examine coupon offering websites

A lot of websites will request you to register before sending users coupon codes for various apps and websites. One of the main advantages is that it applies to all things, not just hotels. You may be annoyed by the constant barrage of emails, but that might help you with a great coupon code that can get you huge discounts. Sign up for websites that send out special discounts to save a lot of money!

·       Book for a longer period

Hotels frequently prefer guests who stay for an extended period rather than shorter stays. This is the reason they offer large discounts for extended bookings. One major reason for all of this is that when one stays for an extended period, the working costs of day-to-day cleaning and changing the room to meet the need of other customers are reduced, and then it is offered as a discount.

·       Price Comparison App

When looking for low-cost hotels, price comparison applications are beneficial. They search on the internet for the best deals for you. It saves time because you can browse one website while the app displays prices from other websites.


So, there you go, here’s a list of tips and tricks to keep in mind when you want to bookbudget hotels in Gurgaon which will help you save on your overall costs.


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