Four Great US Cities For Watersports

The appeal and excitement offered by watersports are enough to influence the destination of a spontaneous getaway or an entire relocation. It is the potential of watersports, such as kayaking and surfing, that make it this way. Those wanting the peaceful respite of paddleboarding or the unrivaled adrenaline of whitewater rafting are each able to fulfill their desires.

In the US, a number of cities have even become destinations for watersports enthusiasts, developing communities and welcoming thousands of tourists each year. Such cities aren’t always coastal either. In fact, a number of midwestern cities have established a reputation for watersports on the strength of their great lakes too.

If, however, you’re looking for the most exciting cities for watersports activities, those that should be on the list of every enthusiast, here are four of the United States’ best.

Cocoa Beach, FL

The culture of surfing may have been born on the West coast but it is being celebrated loudly in the East. Florida’s Cocoa Beach is the state’s most stunning watersport destination, known for its reliable surfing breaks, extensive shores of golden sand, and crystal clear waters. In addition, there are a number of communities dedicated to scuba diving, swimming, and jet skiing too, meaning that there’s likely to be something for everyone.

Cocoa Beach also hosts a number of well-established watersports centers too, offering enthusiasts all of the supplies and accessories they will need to keep them enjoying the water.

Minneapolis, MN

Known for its ten thousand lakes, Minnesota is renowned for its excellent watersports culture. And, while each enthusiast is likely to have their own preference for a lake, many will head straight for Minneapolis. This is because the city is only a stone’s throw from a number of incredible bodies of water, including the Chain of Lakes, so residents and visitors alike can go kayaking, swimming, or paddle boarding in the city without having to worry about travel.

Los Angeles, CA

There’s no getting around the reputation of Los Angeles and, regardless of one’s opinion on the sprawl (and traffic) of the inner city, its beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. There are a number of watersports enjoyed along the coast but it is surfing that draws most people to the City of Angels and, with locations such as Dana Point, there is an option for great waves all year round, even in winter!

Valdez, AK

Not all watersports require pristine sands and hot weather. In fact, many enthusiasts actively seek out the frozen landscapes and blue waters of northern destinations to experience an otherworldly environment. There are a number of ideal destinations in Alaska for those willing to brave the cold but it is Valdez that has become the state’s watersports destination.

Surfing might not be possible but those wishing to row, fish, paddle, or even swim, will find themselves doing so beside crystal glaciers and across placid waters, undisturbed except for majestic wildlife and extensive skies. So, if you’re willing to make the trip, Alaska might just become your next favorite watersport location.

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