Gennady Podolsky on Finding Momentum As a Creative Professional

A graduate of Pennsylvania’s Swarthmore College, Gennady Podolsky was innovative and instrumental in driving a tech-first travel agency during the infancy of the niche. Nowadays, booking a trip online is as normal as ever, and Gennady Podolsky can be thanked for being a part of that.

Nowadays, Podolsky is best known for his work as a travel expert, logistics specialist, and bespoke travel concierge. When he is not leveraging his years of experience in the industry to support his clients, Podolsky is working tirelessly to help others follow in his footsteps.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Gennady Podolsky is a firm believer in the idea that everyone should play to and work within their strengths. Podolsky likes to create teams built upon balance, allowing each individual to work where their strengths can best be utilized.

When developing a team, Podolsky likes to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the individual members. By putting people in a position to succeed, he can better help uplift his entire team.

Podolsky states, “To be most productive, I focus on my strengths and delegate the rest. I also help people around me to do the same.”

Podolsky says of his work, “It is important to have great collaborators and staff who share your vision and passion and complement your strengths and weaknesses.”

To keep driving his team toward innovation and motivation, Podolsky likes to think that the best is yet to come. He particularly likes the idea of focusing on what you can personally control while letting go of what you cannot.

Podolsky says, “I recommend that people always maintain curiosity and listen. Take a genuine interest in other people and follow your passions.”

Looking to the Future & Learning From the Past

Looking at his humble beginnings, it is easy to see that Gennady Podolsky likes to learn from his past as much as he wants to look to the future. Podolsky is an avid reader and consummate podcast consumer, focusing primarily on his industry and the sciences.

Podolsky says he maintains excitement in his field by doing a few things. Podolsky said in an interview, “I am a big believer in technology and science and its potential to make our lives better, more streamlined, and generally more positive.”

Gennady Podolsky would go on to tout the benefits of AI while arguing that it had the potential to change the world. That said, Podolsky understands that there is plenty to work on right in front of him.

Podolsky would say in an interview, “We have major problems to solve, such as maintaining a global peaceful coexistence and environmental concerns, among others. I am, however, confident that humanity will find the solutions and continue making the world a better place.”

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