Hidden Cost of Flying with a Low-cost Airline

Although low-cost airlines are known for their low-priced tickets, they have also become infamous off-late for the hidden costs associated with them. Five such hidden fees are mentioned in this post. Keep reading.

Low-cost airlines are known for their affordability. These no-frills airlines are unlike their full-service counterparts but do the job of flying you to your destination at the lowest price. However, these often come with some hidden costs, which can inflate your total travel costs. Let’s look at five hidden costs of flying with a low-cost carrier.

  • Meals & Beverages

Low-cost airlines typically don’t include in-flight meals and beverages. However, when you factor in the time it takes to reach the airport, clear the security, spend time at the arrival airport, you end up spending quite a few hours in your travel, even if it is a short-haul flight. As a result, you are bound to get hungry, but having meals at the airport or on the flight will cost you extra.

  • Extra Luggage Cost

Low-cost carriers usually have a lower check-in baggage limit. Some flights only allow you to carry a cabin bag. Carrying anything extra than permitted will cost you more. When you add up this cost to your ticket, you may end up paying an inflated price for your journey. Thus, make sure you check the baggage limit restrictions before you book your low-cost airline ticket.

  • Transportation Cost

Today, most airports have more than one terminals, with the main terminal catering to the full-service or international airlines and the other one dedicated to low-cost carriers. These terminals offer lesser amenities but also come with reduced parking and taxiing fare for the airlines, which works in favour of the low-cost carriers. On the flip side, these terminals are usually further off from the city. Reaching such airports and reaching your final destination after you land will not only take more time but cost extra too. It is essential to add all the transportation cost to the airfare when comparing it with a full-service airline ticket.

  • Seat Selection

Both full-service airlines and low-cost carriers allow you to select premium seats by paying an extra price, while the free seats don’t cost you anything. However, the quota of free seats on low-cost carriers is usually lesser than full-service airlines. Moreover, most of these seats are middle row seats or at the back of an aircraft. Many passengers prefer opting for the window or aisle seats or one with more legroom. With legroom being lesser in low-cost carriers and very few free seats up for grabs, you may be bound to pay extra for your flight seats.

  • Taxes and Charges


An airfare comprises two major parts: the base fare, and the other includes all the taxes and charges. This includes taxes, User Development Fee (UDF), fuel surcharge, convenience fee, etc. While the base fare maybe less, it is these extra charges that inflate the ticket price by a huge amount. Whether you look at the Delhi to Bangalore or Mumbai to Ahmedabad airfare, these charges often cost you more than the base price. Thus, rather than getting swayed by the prices shown on your search, find the total cost you end up paying by the time you book the tickets.

Join a Mile Program to Make Your Flights Cheaper

Some travel loyalty programs grant you miles every time you book a flight through them. Moreover, some of these give you the flexibility to choose a wide range of airlines. These not only help you reduce the overall cost of a flight ticket but can also save you money in other ways. Depending on how many miles you have earned or the tier you have reached in the program, you are entitled to some benefits such as complimentary seat selection, in-flight meals, baggage allowance, etc.

Despite the hidden fees, low-cost airlines can still the cheapest way to fly to your destination. However, hidden costs can dampen your money-saving endeavours. Join a travel loyalty program today to ensure you don’t have to pay extra for add-ons you may wish to take to make your flight more comfortable.

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