Most Beautiful Regions of New Zealand To Visit

When it comes to beautiful landscapes and beaches, New Zealand wins the title. The beautiful country allows tourists to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes no matter geographically diverse they are. The destinations in the Regions of New Zealand are too exquisite to miss. If you’re planning a trip to the country, you don’t want to miss the pristine beaches and aline terrains. Here are some regions to look out for.

Piha Beach

This beach is for tourists who want to surf and enjoy the beautiful landscape. It is an excellent spot for tourists who want to remain close to the city. You can find so many special features on this beach such as black sand.

Lake Tekapo

This pristine lake dazzles with glacial waters. They are one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. Lake Tekapo is not only beautiful during the day but serves as a stargazing haven at night. It is also close to the Mount John Observatory and the town. While coming to this picturesque location, don’t forget your camera to capture the pink and purple hues.

Coromandel peninsula

This region is quite popular with tourists and it encompasses a collection of beautiful campsites, coastal towns, surf spots, and other fishing locations for families that want to enjoy the sport. You can also enjoy the hot water beach and cathedral cove.

Nelson Lakes National Park

This park is one of the National parks in New Zealand and it is located on the South Island. It encompasses two alpine lakes called Rotoroa and Rotoiti which are surrounded by valleys and forests. There are a lot of activities you can do on these lakes such as swimming, fishing, camping, and hiking.


This small town is located on the Wairarapa coast. It has a notable lighthouse that measures a whopping 75ft. This magical building can give you the best seaside views in the city. You can also enjoy the sheltered lagoon and spend time with native birds and fur seals playing in the area.

These locations are sure to give you a fairytale vacation if you add them to your bucket list on your trip to New Zealand.

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