Reasons to Apply for Italian Dual Citizenship When Traveling to Italy

Having dual citizenship implies that you are legally a citizen of two states. For example, your parents may be foreign nationals to each other, or you might have married a citizen from another country. If you are traveling to Italy, applying for dual citizenship is essential. The following are excellent reasons why having Italian citizenship will benefit you.

  1. Easy to own property

If you are to travel to Italy, you might want to buy an Italian property instead of renting one. Italy is known for quality apartments and beautiful houses that are cost-friendly. However, owning one without the proper paperwork might become quite complicated. But having dual citizenship means you are an Italian citizen. This way, the ability to purchase a property is easy.

  1. You can participate in elections

Having Italian citizenship means that you can participate in any elections taking place. Regardless of your location, you can participate in local or national elections. Additionally, if you wish to be active in the Italian political system, it’s possible. This means you can take any political position or even hold a public office without limitations. Being a citizen means getting treated like any other citizen, and all your rights are preserved.

  1. Easy to access employment

Although most countries are becoming strict with the job sectors, Italy favors other citizens and gives job offers to any legal citizen fluent in english. Getting a job in their tourism, design, and development departments is easy. However, you must have the proper documents to show that you are a legal citizen. As a legal Italian citizen, you can get a job of your choice without high costs and exclusive requirements.

  1. Your children are recognized

During your recognition as an Italian citizen, if you have any juniors, they will also be recognized as Italian citizens. If you don’t have kids at the time, and you plan to get them soon once they are born, they will be recognized as Italian citizens. If you and your family are all Italian passport holders, you can leave and come back any time you like without any unnecessary limitations.

  1. Freedom to locate within the European Union

Having dual Italian citizenship allows you to relocate to any place within the European Union. Also, you can work and get an education legally within the European Union. This comes without having to go through complex visa applications or seeking necessary permissions. Italian citizens are always prioritized compared to outside citizens looking for job opportunities.

  1. Easy to access education

Italian systems are highly rated among the best education systems in the world. Italy has various public universities that are affordable and offer quality education. Having Italian dual citizenship is an excellent approach to accessing quality education. Additionally, your children will enjoy the priority too.


Having Italian dual citizenship allows you to explore and interact with the European Union without limitations. Additionally, you can get an education, seek jobs, and own properties without having to pave through complex processes. Obtaining dual citizenship when traveling to Italy is a great way to enjoy life outside your original country.

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