The Cathay Pacific Inflight Dining

There is a wide selection of food and drinks that one can choose from in Cathay Pacific while traveling. One gets to enjoy the different served cuisines without any limitations of the chosen flying class that is first, economy, business premium economy class. The evocative flavors available are top selected from various parts of the world combined with the top skill to bring forth exquisite meals.

There a meal service that one can preselect their preferred meals during the flight ahead of the traveling time. The service is primarily available to the clients flying in business class and the clients on long-haul routes.

The meal plans and options differ based on the route one is taking, availability of the menu, and the operational needs.

First-class menu

While traveling in first-class, one gets to order their meals from the la carte menu all through the flight. While traveling on the different routes, one selects their desired meal from the contemporary Asian signature and international cuisines well prepared by professional chefs. At times, the meals are prepared on selected routes by renowned celebrity chefs.

A team of well-acquainted crew guides the customers on the menu selections and makes recommendations depending on one’s taste. To complement a meal, customers get to choose the wine of their choice from the award-winning selections.

Choose a meal service.

The choose my meal service is available for the customers who choose to fly in the Business class. Customers get to explore the inflight cuisine menu and reserve their desired meals before their traveling day.

Convenience in pre-ordering

Making a selection of one’s favorite meals has been made super easy as browsing the menu is easy. One only has to follow a few steps, including logging in to the manage booking option to view the inflight dining menu and make desired selections.

If one wants to pre-order, one can do it ten days to the flight, and the option is not available twenty-four hours to the long-haul flight departure. If one wishes to cancel the meal request altogether or change to a new dish, one only needs to manage the booking option.

Selecting flavors

The dining menus on Cathay Pacific have an unforgettable culinary experience as the availed flavors range from local to international selections bringing out the best in every meal.


There are different meals served for breakfast including starters, and main course.

The starter mainly comprises salmon gravlax, pickled cucumber, and seasonal leaves professionally mixed and microgreens.

The main course comprises Jasmine rice, wok-fried pawns and well-done baby vegetable, chicken teriyaki, and grilled Australian prime beef tenderloin, and truffle pasta.

Fine dining for the first-class customers on long-haul flights


The starter meal is well-prepared and presented to the satisfaction of the customers.

The starter is the signature caviar and the exquisite Krug champagne accompanied by blinis and the well-sorted traditional garnishes.

International meal selections

There is a wide range of international cuisines that one can choose from depending on their preferences.

  • French beans, pan-fried king pawns served with lemon butter sauce
  • Portobello mushroom, oven-roasted potatoes, grilled US prime Angus beef striploin and it is topped with Béarnaise or the red wine jus
  • Basil soup, vine-ripened tomato, and orange
  • Artichokes, carrot ribbons, and mezzi rigatoni with parmesan cheese and zucchini cream sauce toppings
  • Seared tuna salad nicoise served with French vinaigrette dressing

Chinese cuisines

  • Peking duck salad, almonds, black truffle
  • Abalone sliced and marinated with chili sauce appetizer
  • Pork, papaya, peanut soup, and almonds
  • Chinese cabbage, double-boiled sea conch soup, bamboo pith

Beverages and drinks

There is a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to suit each person’s taste. Any served form of drink is highly crafted and chosen from the best producers to give the sweet and original taste. Some of the top selections are;

  • Fresh-brewed illy coffee and chosen fine Jing teas
  • amazing afternoon tea picks
  • Betsy beer that Cathay Pacific crafts with a perfect balance in taste

The wine list for the inflight

The wines are hand-picked and tested by the well-experienced wine tasters who ensure that the products availed to the travels are quality and worthwhile. The offered wines are award-winning and are categorically picked to compliment the menu.

The wine selection keeps on improving to cater to the diversifying inflight dining cuisines. They are sourced from the best wine producers globally, including South Africa, Italy, New Zealand, and France, among other areas.

The wine selections are often changed due to the different harvest periods. Premium passengers get to enjoy the promotional wines that are availed all-round the year.

Special meals

Unless one makes special reservations through the set-up procedure, all the served meals are not explicitly based on religion, diet, or medical requirements. All special meals are made a day to the actual flight to ensure that the requirements are well attended to and keep the clients contented.

There are particular meals like Indian vegetarian meals, baby meals, Bland meal, child meals, diabetic meal, fruit platter meal, gluten intolerant meal, Hindu meals, Kosher meals, low-calorie meal,  low cholesterol meal, Muslim meal, low lactose meal, vegetarian raw meal, non-beef meal,  liquid diet meal, and vegetarian, a vegan meal among others.

Allergies to food

All the served cuisines are done with high-expertise for quality food in the end, and all safety precautions are put in place to avoid contamination of the food. Allergens are not always guaranteed not to be in the served foods like eggs and milk. Passengers who have food allergies or are in constant fear of exposure to allergens are advised to;

  • Carry their food
  • Wear the allowed medical alert bracelet
  • Carry medications to use in case of an exposure

If one has allergy issues, detailed consultation with skilled physicians helps determine whether an individual is fit for any travel with all the conditions put in place.

In conclusion, Cathay Pacific dining offers a great experience with their culinary offers, and they put into consideration particular booking. There is a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to complement any meal. One can pre-order their meals or change to another cuisine within the set time frame and the availability of the desired meal.

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