Best Cruises for Poker

Finding the right cruise vacation makes for a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Cruises enable you to see multiple destinations in a single tour even as you bask in luxury amenities, including spas, gyms, entertainment, and terrific dining options. Furthermore, there are cruises for travelers of all kinds: groups of friends, couples on romantic retreats, whole families, or even solo travelers just looking to escape for a bit.

Among all of these different types of travelers though, a lot of people go on these trips in part to enjoy some casino and poker time on board. The ships that feature full casinos sometimes even host poker tournaments that guests can compete in. These poker cruises are perfect for card game fans who want to satisfy their hunger for action one minute, and unwind at the spa at the next.

With that in mind, here are some of the best poker cruises you can book in 2022.

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the most popular cruises lines in the world, and appears determined to maintain that status through some ambitious new vessels. Next year, it is set to launch its latest ship: the luxurious Norwegian Viva. Aiming to push the boundaries of thoughtful design, the Norwegian Viva offers more than 43,000 square feet of available outdoor space. Though the ship won’t set sail until the summer of 2023, bookings are already open.

All of the Norwegian Cruise Line’s vessels also feature high-class onboard casinos. These Vegas-style facilities facilitate blackjack, roulette, slots and, most importantly, poker. Guests can test their mettle against players in the ships’ poker tournament events, or play for lower stakes in daily cash games.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Guests at Carnival Cruise Lines can enjoy a huge selection of fun activities at an affordable cost. And when it comes to poker, Carnival’s amenities aren’t just budget-friendly, but beginner-friendly, too. Minimum bets are low, which gives guests a chance to play for lower stakes. Thus, casual players don’t need to come prepared with advanced poker strategies to have fun on Carnival Cruise Lines; it’s more than enough to just brush up on the basic rules of poker, and perhaps some common terminology.

Learning the mechanics of Texas Hold’em, which is widely considered to be the most popular of all poker variants, would be a good place to start. The Carnival line is known for its state-of-the-art Hold’em tables, which use touchscreen monitors to give players supporting visuals. There are also Three-Card Poker tables for those who want the traditional experience of having a dealer shuffle and serve.

Celebrity Cruises

The Celebrity Cruises line aims to serve the modern traveler. Its award-winning ships feature cool, contemporary designs that implement forward-looking technologies such as solar panels. And like Norwegian, it’s working on launching new high-end vessels.

Celebrity Cruises’ poker amenities reflect the company’s dedication to modernity: The line has its own casino app that guests can use to play games anywhere on the ship. The actual poker tables on Celebrity ships, meanwhile, cover nearly every type of poker game, including Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Three-Card Poker.

Holland America Line

The Holland America Line has a rich history spanning nearly two centuries. It was first established in the 1800s to take migrants from mainland Europe to the United States. Holland America Line ships also helped the Allied Forces transport soldiers, weapons, and fuel during World War II.

Today, the Holland America Line serves more recreational purposes, but remains one of the most popular cruise lines in the world. Its casinos offer a wide selection of games, including blackjack, slots, roulette, and even bingo. Of course, its poker offerings are top-notch, with plenty of tables for Three-Card Poker and Texas Hold’em. Just like Carnival Cruise Lines, the Holland America Line is also quite amateur-friendly. Guests can even enjoy free gaming lessons from the casino’s friendly dealers.

Going on a cruise can be a great way to experience new destinations, especially if you’re interested in poker. Luxury cruises can blend high class with high stakes and give you a poker adventure you’ll never forget.

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