Tips for Beginner Snowboarders

If you love being in the outdoors and are looking for a fun hobby, you might be considering taking up snowboarding. There are so many reasons to take up snowboarding, not least of which is the fact that it is great for both mental and physical health. But while snowboarding is a fun way to enjoy the winter weather, you should not be under any illusion that it is easy. Snowboarding is physically demanding and can be difficult to master in the beginning. However, once you do get the hang of it, you will likely love it and spend much of your free time on the slopes. If you are a complete beginner though, the following tips may help.

Try Before You Commit

You are not going to know if you enjoy snowboarding until you give it a try. But rather than going out and spending a small fortune on the equipment only to find out that it is not for you, you could consider snowboard rental instead. Canyon Sports, a Salt Lake City ski and snowboard shop, says that having the right board is important too. When you rent a snowboard, the store assistant will be able to give you information and advice about which board to try. You might be given an all-mountain board with rocker camber. This type of board is suitable for beginners and has rocker in between the feet with a camber beneath each foot. Camber and rocker are the terms used to describe the curve of the board and how it moves on the snow.

Wear the Right Gear

It is important to wear the right gear if you want to enjoy snowboarding. There is no denying that you can wear any winter clothing, but for the ultimate in comfort it is worth wearing dedicated ski/snowboarding clothing. This means pants and a jacket that keeps you feeling warm and cozy without causing you to get too hot. Your boots should fit snugly; if they are too big or too small, you will find it hard to control your board. Do not forget a hat, goggles, and a pair of warm gloves.

Take a Lesson

You should take a lesson before you attempt to get on a slope. Snowboarding might look easy, but it is anything but. Especially for those with little to no experience of being on the slopes. Even one lesson will give you the basic information you need to move on a board. An instructor can also provide tips and tricks that will make it easier to maneuver your board and tackle the slope. Attempting to snowboard without any instruction could see you nursing a broken bone or two.


Once you’ve had a lesson and you feel confident about getting on to the slopes, you should take some time to practice on the bunny slopes. You might think that you don’t need this practice, but it is best to get your bearings away from the experienced riders who are going to be whizzing past you on the advanced slopes. Nevertheless, staying on the bunny slopes too long is not a good idea either. Once you can move freely, you can move to the green slopes for more freedom of movement and much more fun.


Snowboarding is a fabulous hobby that you can enjoy on your own or with friends. However, it is not for everyone. To see if this is an activity you would enjoy, you should hire a snowboard and some gear and give it a try. Remember, you need to be patient until you learn the basics. After that, practice makes perfect.

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